Sylnic Solutions
A proven Investigative Resource for the Legal & Business Community

Nick Roberts, Director
Sylnic Solutions
Post Office Box 1350,
Tustin, CA 92781
714 767 2870
714 389 6357 (fax)
P.I. #011410


"Sylnic Solutions is a fully licensed California private investigation agency founded in 1986 with the goal of providing quality and confidential support to Southern California business and legal communities."

"Because of the sensitive nature of most inquiries, Sylnic assures that client confidentiality is given the highest priority."

"The cost effectiveness of any planned operation is equally as important. Every effort is made to weigh the probability of a caseís successful outcome and its potential costs with the client before any work is undertaken."

"It is with these considerations in mind that a comprehensive range of consultation and investigative services are offered."

"While Sylnicís focus is on the preparation and support of civil and criminal litigation, an otherwise diverse service line is available and prospective clients are invited to call to discuss how best we may assist in resolving any issues deserving of investigative attention."

"Sylnic Solutions is operated under the sole proprietorship of Nick Roberts, a 45 year veteran of municipal law enforcement and private detection in the greater Los Angeles area. A current C.V. is available upon request. Kindly direct inquiries to Nick Roberts, Director, Sylnic Solutions, Post Office Box 1350, Tustin, CA 92781, [714] 767 2870, or"



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